Many projects cannot be shown due to confidentiality considerations.  The following are shown with permission.  Click on any image to zoom in and read descriptions.  Press escape at any time to return here.

Evergreen Telemetry Wrist Reporter - This is a photo-render of the Wrist Reporter module, designed for Evergreen Telemetry.  Evergreen started with an off-the-shelf enclosure and modifying it via machining.  Capture created a custom wrist-mounted enclosure for less cost than their existing solution, resulting in a custom, rugged-looking aesthetic and wrist-mounting features not available on the generic enclosures
A top view of the finished Wrist Reporter.
The Wrist Reporter shown in relation to a forearm, where it is typically mounted.
Parmatech's Counterbore Precision Measurement Machine - Requiring accuracy to .0005" and repeatability to .0002", this measurement machine was a challenge.   Anticipated to receive heavy use by technicians during quality inspections of MIM parts (Metal Injection Molded), durability was key.  Capture succeeded in bringing the required precision together with rugged durability.
The Counterbore Precision Measurement Machine is calibrated using a hardened-steel "taring slug".
Here the Counterbore Precision Measurement Machine is shown with a sample part in position to take a measurement.
Side view of the Counterbore Precision Measurement Machine.  The slide and holding arm are in the part-loading position.
Evergreen Telemetry Combo Probe - Seeing an opportunity in decreasing testing time required for industrial temperature and pressure testing, Evergreen needed a product which could combine the two functions.  Capture Product Development created an extremely rugged, attractive solution which has been very warmly received in product trials.
Callista is Capture PD's Wireless Sensor and Controls Area Network (WSCAN) base platform board.  The software created for the board allows us to rapidly modify the WSCAN capabilities to meet your needs, creating a new revenue stream for you at minimal time and cost.
AirMagnet (now Fluke) asked our customer, Bandspeed, to create a next-generation multi-channel WiFi analyzer product.  Bandspeed immediately turned to Capture to create a simple yet elegant design for a USB-pluggable enclosure.
This is a photo-render of a "sales demo module", the purpose of which is to provide the Nuventix sales team with a demonstration platform of their fan-less electronics-cooling technology.  Capture created a multitude of demo-platform options for them to choose from (see following photos).
A picture of one of the early prototypes of the SynJet Demo-Platform product.  It shows the internal structure which creates the air-seals to channel airflow throughout the assembly.
Part of the SynJet sales-demo platform, this is the strobing light-ring which will show off the moving diaphragm, an integral part of Nuventix's "fanless cooling" technology.
The first prototype of the Nuventix sales demo platform is lit up with the strobing LED ring-light, to show off the moving diaphragm.  The diaphragm moves at approx 70 Hz, and the strobing light pulses at about 1/4 that frequency, to slow it down for human visualization.  Though it can't be seen in this still picture, the diaphragm appears to move slowly, under the influence of the strobing LEDs.  Meanwhile, the forced air can be felt out the perimeter of the module.
Another shot of the first SynJet sales-demo prototype in action.  (See previous photos.)
Capture Product Development created a multitude of options for the shape of the SynJet sales demo unit.  Nuventix was able to quickly narrow down their preferred shape.
Pictured is a Receive Optical Sub-Assembly, known in the Photonics world as a ROSA, which houses a 4-channel, filter-based optical demultiplexer, working at 3.13Ghz per channel, at 4 channels, resulting in a 10Gbit throughput receive path.  This ROSA was designed to work within XenPak and X2 transceiver form-factors.
An exploded view of the 4-channel 10Gb ROSA (see previous pics).
A view of the PIN array of the 10Gb ROSA inside a seal-able frame (see previous pics).
Because their customers would be placing these Access Points in areas exposed to the public, Bandspeed needed an enclosure which had no ventilation holes through which small objects could be dropped.  Capture created an attractive solution which conducts the majority of the heat out to the lid, which acts as a large heat-sink.  Analysis showed that passive convection is sufficient to keep the assembly at acceptable temperatures, no matter the box orientation.  Hundreds of Access Points are now in the field, happily pinging away.
Shown is a SynJet module, designed by Nuventix. Nuventix asked us to dress up the aesthetics of their module and then to create drawings intended to be downloaded by potential customers off of their website.  Rather than create wireframe drawings, Capture came up with a distinctive look with 3D/shaded views.
Shown is a robotics platform concept Capture created for a startup company here in Austin.
Shown is a "Scan Engine", the optics heart of a bar-code scanner co-developed for NCR by Triformix, Capture Product Development and NCR.  The scan engine was used on multiple bar-code scanning products and thousands are in the field now, operating at major retail outlets such as WalMart.  Capture PD took a lead role in the opto-mechanical design, verification and testing, transition to manufacture, scheduling and costing exercises required to deliver the module to NCR.
Chris experiments with a laser-alignment process as an engineer from NCR watches.
Shown is a screen-shot of an iPhone case with flip-out stand, designed for an individual inventor who holds a patent on this invention.  The first prototypes are shown in subsequent shots.
Another screenshot of the iPhone case.  The design is simple, yet pleasing with organic curves and transitions.
An early prototype of the iPhone case.  The technology used to build this prototype uses .002" layers which, despite the small size, are clearly visible on the gently sloping surfaces.  These ridges can be removed via sanding, but it was deemed unnecessary in this case.
Another shot of the iPhone case prototypes.
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Astrotech asked for a prototype of a new hand-held analyzer product, to be used at a trade-show.  Astrotech supplied the CAD, which was modified by Capture to be suitable for prototyping.  Because the box is too large to fabricate all at once in most prototyping building machines, the shape was broken down into several panels and then assembled into the final shape.  Astrotech applied decals to the exterior and assembled a TFT display into the open bezel prior to the tradeshow.
Another shot of Astrotech's hand-held analyzer.
Astrotech's hand-held analyzer, shown in relation to an operator.
[Astrotech's Hand-Held Analyzer] This shows some of the construction techniques used to create the final assembly.  Note the interlocking tabs and variety of build materials.  Different build technologies were used according to the requirements of the individual parts.
Part of the NCR Scan Engine, a light-sensitive photo-diode encapsulated in epoxy behind a lens is shown.  Note the small bubble near the middle of diode, an early defect which was eliminated during the extensive process development Capture PD performed in the course of developing the Scan Engine.
Shown is a receiver module co-developed by Triformix and Capture PD for Avago.  Triformix and Avago created the optics design and Capture worked on some aspects of the mechanical design and developed the assembly processes for volume production.
Another view of the Avago optical receive assembly.
Shown is an experimental setup relating to the Avago receive assembly, verifying lens-to-lens alignment sensitivity.
CapturePD created the industrial-design (aesthetics) and a racking concept for VideoBalun, a startup company with a video-over-ethernet balun product.
Dept 328, a startup company focused on innovative children's toys and games, depended on Capture to create a simple, attractive and inexpensively-fabricated peg board for a bead-craft toy.
First Detect required a hand-held device which would eventually be outfitted with an active display, for their trade-show.  Capture created a sleek design based on their supplied CAD, providing upgrade paths for TFT displays and plenty of room for internal electronics controls.
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