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Searching for 3D Prototyping Services?  Capture Design is ready to deliver.

Rely on Capture Design to provide you with mechanical and electronic prototypes.  We are your trusted partner, delivering Prototyping services so you can focus on advancing your core technology.

We provide our clients with mechanical and electronic prototyping services, product-development and product analysis using the most advanced tools available.  We can perform many fabrication functions such as drilling, tapping, grinding, finishing and painting.

Need help getting your ideas into 3D CAD? We can help with that, too. We’re your product development one-stop shop.  You focus on your technology, we focus on creating product. It’s what we do.

Call owner Chris today and start receiving the personalized service you need: 512-222-7887.

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About CaptureDesign

We love to provide companies like yours with 3D Protoyping. CaptureDesign has over 40 years of collective experience and you won’t find another company anywhere that will care more about your products’ success as much as we do.  We supply the level of quality and personal attention your team deserves.

Don’t risk your time, money and success on an off-shoring company that never shows you real people and doesn’t go the extra mile.

We are experienced in taking your ideas and helping shape it into reality. We don’t just do the work, we communicate clearly throughout the process, sharing our practices and our knowledge so that you can make the most of your ideas, now and in the future.  Our team has a wide breadth of experience in product innovation, design and prototyping.

Get a quote from us and you’ll be surprised how reasonable it is. Try us out on your next project and you’ll be surprised how much value we add.

Call us now at 512-222-7887 – You’ll find friendly, knowledgeable people, ready to assist.

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